Throughout the history of any Business, people used consultants to make more informed decisions. Our mission at BookMyBroker is to make real estate transactions more easy and transparent to understand. At BookMyBroker, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in real estate which is transparency. We have been developing a strong database that helps us forecast trends more accurately. In the future, when the real estate sector becomes more integrated, the advisory role of us as a firm will start playing a dominant role.

Our Team

Kushal Meher

Kushal drives BookMyBroker's strategic vision and manages company’s relations. Before BookMyBroker was formed Kushal was involved in the Hospitality Industry, Real Estate Sales & Recruitment Development.

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Amit Mishra

Amit leads the daily operations at BookMyBroker. Amit is a sequential entrepreneur comes with numerous industrial experiences.

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